Agricultural Loans

Helping farmers is nothing new to us.  In fact, First Bank of Manhattan has been making Agricultural Loans for over 100 years.  

Unlike many financial institutions, we actually understand farming operations.  That means you can count on our experienced Ag lending staff to develop a custom financing plan that fits your farms borrowing needs.

Plus, all of our credit decisions are made locally, not in a faceless corporate headquarters located hundreds of miles away.  Being local means we can be more responsive, and better able to help you to keep your farm profitable.   

FBM offers many different types of Ag loans to help keep your farm running smoothly, including:

  • Operating Loans - Annual operating loans to cover all types of farm and family living expenses.
  • Equipment and Livestock Loans - Loans for new or used equipment, machinery, farm vehicles, breeding livestock, farm buildings, tiling or other improvements.
  • Real Estate Loans - Buy or refinance a farm, expand operations or make long-term improvements to your farm.

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Farm Financial Statement & Operating Budget

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Farm Financial Statement & Operating Budget