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When sending any application information online, this site automatically switches to a secure mode. This is evident by the "https" that will appear in the url as opposed to "http." If you are using Internet Explorer you will see a locked padlock at the bottom of your screen when you are in a secure mode, and an unlocked padlock when you are in an unsecure mode.

Always make sure cookies are enabled to use Netteller at a 'medium or default' setting and not on a high or restricted level.

Password Security
To ensure password security, passwords are maintained and known only by you. Do not store passwords using computer software. If you forget or mistype your password, you will have three attempts to log in. After three unsuccessful login attempts, your password will be locked. You must call the bank to have your password reset. For security purposes, we will always verify your identity before resetting your password.

We also request that customers follow our online banking security guidelines while using online banking. Please do not disclose your login ID or password to anyone, including staff members of First Bank of Manhattan. No one from the bank will ever request such information from you for any reason. It is also a good idea to refrain from sending emails containing any private or personal information to anyone, including the bank. Also, please do not leave your computer while it is connected to online banking. This increases the risk that an unauthorized user will use your computer to access your accounts. For additional security, you will be logged off from online banking after 10 minutes of inactivity.