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First Bank of Manhattan has been focused on the community and its farmers for over 110 years.  We understand the value of community and that one of the pillars of our community is you, the farmer.  With your dedication and hard work the bank has continued to grow and we have always supported the farmer and their desire to succeed as well.

We offer an experienced staff that has been through the good and rough times.  We can offer knowledge that will focus on your needs and help you to continue to grow and prosper.  You can get the upper hand with First Bank of Manhattan by utilizing our understanding of cash flows projections, balance sheets, trend analysis, complimentary yield checks, and break even points.  Knowing these important measures can help you market grain, find holes in your operation, or give you confidence that a plan is working.

All decisions are made here in Manhattan by someone who knows and understands your goals.  This allows us to be timely and provide you with the program or loan that best fits your needs.  We treat your business as a partnership; your success is our success.

First Bank of Manhattan offers many different types of Agricultural loans to help keep your farm running smoothly, including:

Operating lines We offer an operating line with a rate that is fixed for 2 years.  This can be used for farm inputs, family living, or anything else that might come up.

Farm Real Estate Looking to buy or refinance a farm?  We can help you with loans up to 30 years.  We also lend on farm ground with a personal residence or buildings.

FSA loans - We are familiar with FSA programs and can help you with the program that suits you best.  

Equipment Loans Loans for new or old farm machinery, equipment, vehicles, as well as tile and other improvements.

Livestock purchases and lines of credit Loans on the purchase of livestock as well as yearly lines of credit to keep your operation running smoothly.

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