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Attention Debit Cardholders:  You may have become aware of a recent data breach at a major US retailer.  This breach exposed millions of cardholders payment card data.  First Bank of Manhattan is in the process of notifying those impacted by this breach directly.   In addition to payment card data, recently published information from the retailer states that personal information may also have been compromised.  Such information, including names, addresses, email, and phone numbers, can be used to perpetrate consumer scams designed to obtain more information to be used in larger financial frauds.  We ask that our customers be wary of emails or phone calls from individuals that offer protection in the wake of this breach.  Never provide card or PIN data or additional financial or personal information requests received by Text, Phone, or Email. 

Protecting our customers’ financial assets and guarding against fraud is our top priority.  
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You may also call any member of our debit card department at 815-478-4611.

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Effective July 8, 2013, our cutoff times for processing times will be extended to 7:00PM. This includes teller transactions, Online Banking transfers, and Telephone Banking transfers.  ATM Deposits and withdrawals and purchases using your Debit Card will cutover at 2:30PM due to network rules.  Cutover times are used on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Fridays.  Transactions completed on Saturday and Sunday will be posted on the following Monday.


First Bank of Manhattan works with our Fraud Analysts to keep you safe.  If a transaction occurs on your debit card that appears suspicious, a Fraud Analyst team member will contact you by phone to determine if the transaction(s) are yours.  A Fraud Analyst or First Bank of Manhattan associate will never ask you for your PIN or full account information or personal information to verify transactions.  The Fraud Analyst may confirm your name, the last 4 of your card number, and the recent transactions in question to verify your identity and keep your account safe. 

If our Fraud Analyst team member cannot reach you by phone, a temporary block will be placed on your card and a message will be left containing an Incident Number and a phone number to return the Fraud Analyst’s call.  The Fraud Analyst will remove the block on your card once you verify the transactions.  If fraud has indeed occurred, the Fraud Analyst will contact the bank and a member of our debit card department will work with you to investigate and resolve the case.

If you have any questions about this service, please call a member of the debit card department at 815-478-4611.

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